These testimonials were taken from comments on The Washington Post.


“Dr. Kauffman is a real angel. What a beautiful gift of needed service for her patients.”


“So many services, such as dentistry and optometry are lacking in nursing homes and for shut-ins. My father’s glasses were mangled when the nursing home aides allowed them to drop to the floor where they were crushed when the aides moved dad’s bed. He couldn’t see without them. Somehow we managed to get the frames bent back into shape, but there was no way to get him fitted with new glasses. The world needs more practitioners like Dr. Kauffman.”


“This is a brilliant service. Dental care is overlooked for the elderly yet vital for healthy aging. As we encourage more people to age in place, serving this home-bound population will become socially critical and lucrative for businesses.”


“What a really wonderful breath, of fresh air to see such a story. Dr. Koffman thank you for your compassion and dedication in treating those in need. Being this is such a unique story and one that beams integrity, I have added your story to a page that honors professionals such as yourself.
Thank you again for your exemplary service and for teaching others to follow suit.”


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Dr. Kauffman Making Housecalls