I would like to give my highest commendation to Dr. Alisa Kauffman. She came highly recommended to me by my own dentist when I was in need of a dentist who would treat my bed/wheel chair bound husband at home. My husband had suffered traumatic brain injury and profound physical disability as the result of an accident making it impossible to transport him to a dental office.

Dr. Kauffmann was happy to visit my husband at home. Her manner is thorough, knowledgeable and exceedingly professional. She has assured me that should he require extensive dental work, she will coordinate everything for us, which has allayed any anxiety I may have had. She comes to our home on a regular basis which she schedules, to maintain my husband’s oral hygiene.
As a psychologist, I am extremely impressed not only by her professional expertise, but with her extraordinary ability to engage my traumatic brain injured husband. He is always delighted to see her, looks forward to her visits and cooperates fully while she is working on his mouth despite any discomfort he may experience in the process.


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Dr. Kauffman Making Housecalls