My Dad is 100 years old. He developed dementia a few years ago. Recently his dentures broke in half, and a tooth went missing. Not having dentures made mealtimes challenging. His food needed to be mashed to make it easier for him to eat. Speaking was a little difficult for him too. Not to mention, at 100 years old, he couldn’t understand why we took his dentures away; He kept asking for them.  


testimonial testimonial


We tried a couple of neighborhood dentists but they rejected him: either they didn’t accept his insurance or simply weren’t equipped to work with geriatric patients. With that, my sister decided to surf the net in search of a geriatric dentist. Lo’ and behold, she came across Dr. Alisa Kauffman, DMD. I immediately called Dr. Kauffman, and without hesitation, she assured me that she could replace the missing tooth, repair the dentures, and overnight them back to my Dad via Fed Ex. Wednesday afternoon my brother-n-law dropped off the dentures, and by Friday morning my Dad was back to his ol’ self again; smiling, eating and talking. He was on top of the world.  


testimonial testimonial


We are all grateful for Dr. Alisa Kauffman’s professionalism, and punctuality. We are especially thankful for the compassion, care and commitment she has for the elderly.

Thank you Dr. Alisa Kauffman, DMD for my Dad’s bright smile. Seeing Pop happy makes us happy. You are phenomenal!


                                                                                                                                                 Molly Barreto & Family


I am one of Emilio Barreto’s grandchildren

I just wanted to say on behalf of Molly Barreto and all of our family we truly appreciate you taking care of Emilio Barreto. He is my grandfather and as is suffering Alzheimer’s and as a result life is difficult and complicated at times. With your help and encouragement he has one less daily struggle and for that I am completely grateful. -Amanda


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