Dr. Alisa Kauffman is not just an outstanding dentist, but a devoted, caring, and dedicated professional. My 103 year old aunt, Doris (photo is from her 102nd birthday party), required urgent dental care at home, including multiple root extractions in order to remedy an infection and enable her to chew food comfortably and safely. Although Doris was a new patient, Dr. Kauffman rearranged her vacation schedule to ensure that Doris was treated in a timely way. Dr. Kauffman spent time in advance of the visit to make certain she understood my aunt’s health, mental, and psychological condition. She treated Doris in an exceedingly caring manner, with dignity and respect often lacking in today’s fast-paced medical encounters. She has a reassuring and calming presence which is vital for all patients, and most especially for the elderly. She made sure that Doris understood the treatment plan and encouraged her to ask questions. Doris was feeling 100% better the following day. We are very grateful to Dr. Kauffman!


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Dr. Kauffman Making Housecalls